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    How to do Intramuscular Injections

    • How to do Intramuscular Injections

    • The Risks of performing an Intramuscular Injection - Read this, Important !

    • Case Study 1 Recreational Bodybuilder Glute Injection Gone Wrong

    • Case Study 2 Necrotizing myositis of the Deltoid following intramuscular injection of Anabolic Steroid

    • Case Study 3 - Aortic root dilation, spinal abscess, endocarditis, valvular insufficiency, cardiac leaflet damage, and aortic aneurysm.

    • Reducing the Pain of Injections at the point of Administration.

    • Needles - Selection, Gauge and Length

    • Syringes Selection - Type and Volume Capacity

    • Risks associated with Glass Ampoules vs Multi-dosage Vials

    • Good Video to watch

    • References